Arch Education: Studios

Building Clouds

A radical revisionist first year architecture course at Sheffield University built on feminist, inclusive, collaborative principles.


Developing and Sustaining Creativity in the midst of reality.

Supporting a Collective Sense of Excellence

Allowing the Experience of each Student to inform their design approach

Developing a Critical and Inclusive pedagogical approach.

Street Society/ Street Studio

A week-long funded annual live project, developing into a Masters Studio, in the post-conflict context of Northern Ireland.


Exposing Students to Live and Critical Contexts

Using Live projects as a way to develop team and accessible communication skills

Exposing people beyond Academia to the cultural and societal value of Schools of Architecture

Without Precedent

A Masters studio bringing Design Thinking into the heart of material development and material understanding into Design.


Experimenting / prototyping with materials to better understand their potential

Drawing on networks of expertise in the university

Becoming familiar with processes of analysing material performance

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